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Engaging The Post-Pandemic Customer

It’s a fast-changing world – do you know where your customers are?

COVID-19 has changed everybody’s priorities, and the new customer has different wants, needs, goals, and aspirations. If you don’t know what matters to them now, they will choose somebody else who does.

Many businesses start with a clear view of their ideal customer, take the time to understand their problems and goals, and create products and services to fit. But over time, they drift apart. Far too often, the customer – who should be the primary focus of the business – is forgotten.

In the past, it was easier to see the warning signs and re-engage with customers. But in a fast-changing world, that’s not so easy, and it’s easier than ever for competitors to swoop in and take your customers and market share. Especially when customers face ongoing chaos, disruption, and uncertainty.

The organisations that succeed are those that can adapt to the changing customer, with leaders who can lead in uncertainty, team members who put the customer first, and a culture that embraces change and a customer-first mindset.

Being customer-centric means taking three different perspectives:

  1. Outside In: Understand the trends shaping your key markets, so you understand what customers really want now in those markets. This means that when you’re building the customer experience, you’re pulled from the future, not pushed from the past.
  2. Customer First: Then you review your current customer offerings to see how well they align with those key markets and ideal customers.
  3. Inside Out: Finally, from a practical viewpoint, you identify specific tactics and processes to engage those customers to serve them better and involve them in building a superior customer experience.

Who Is This For?

This if for you if:

  • Your business is facing increasing competition from inside or outside your industry
  • You want a more customer-focussed and customer-centric approach from your team
  • Customers have become more demanding and have different expectations
  • You know your products and services are no longer a good fit for your customers
  • You want to attract new customers who have different wants and needs

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the five key trends shaping the post-pandemic customer
  • Map out the changes in your unique customer journey
  • Create stronger ties and greater customer loyalty
  • Design a practical 90-day action plan to bring customers on your side
  • Learn how to engage your customers in co-creation of better products and services
  • Tap into the diversity of team members when solving customer problems

Program Format

The program is available in three delivery formats, each with multiple touchpoints:

  1. In-House Workshop: A one-day or two-day workshop, delivered in person at your premises (or at a suitable training venue)
  2. Online Delivery: Either one online presentation covering one of the modules/topics OR 3-4 online presentations, 1-2 weeks apart
  3. Conference Session: A conference session (keynote or breakout, online or in-person)

For the shorter formats, you choose the most important outcomes and the program is tailored to meet those needs.

Additional Components

Extend the value of the core program with these optional additional components, which help you implement and reinforce the ideas and actions.

Let's Talk

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