Humans and Machines – Better Together

The robots are not coming – they are already here! Artificial intelligence has been simmering away in the background for decades, and ChatGPT was the tipping point that made it mainstream.

AI already plays a big part in our personal and professional lives, and will continue to shape the way we live and work. If you’re not already engaging with AI in your organisation, you’re falling behind. But it’s not as simple as just switching it on and hoping for the best!

Even though AI is mature and proven technology, it still creates many unknowns – and every leader and organisation needs to balance the risks and challenges with the possibilities and opportunities. Done right, you can leverage AI to enhance your customer experience, engage your team in working side-by-side with AI, and transform productivity and performance to stay ahead of the game.

Keynote: Leveraging AI


Are You Ready For AI?


Masterclass: AI For Leaders

This facilitated workshop for leaders will help you understand the potential of AI, and create guidelines for using it safely, ethically, and responsibly – for yourself, your team, and your organisation.

Masterclass: AI At Work

This masterclass will give you and your team the knowledge, insights, and tools to start exploring AI effectively in your organisation. You’ll understand the challenges and risks, possibilities and opportunities, and learn how and where to apply your knowledge for the greatest return.

Futurist in Residence

Tap into Gihan’s futurist expertise for a whole year! Stay regularly updated with the latest trends, shifts and disruptive forces in your industry and business, so you can plan for them and stay ahead of the game.

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