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Building a Culture of Change Agents

Disruption and innovation are two sides of the same coin: They are both about change, but it’s disruption when change happens to you and innovation when you create the change yourself. We have all faced massive disruption, and it’s now time to start being proactive. The teams and organisations that will succeed in the future are those who create a culture that welcomes and embraces change and innovation.

Smart leaders and savvy organisations will use this opportunity to build a better workplace – with more flexibility, greater collaboration, better work-life integration, and a culture that thrives in a fast-changing, uncertain world. This creates the environment that attracts the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills you need – on the road to recovery and beyond.

Are You Ready for the Future of Work?

If your people are burnt out, fed up, falling behind, and pushing back, you’re not alone! More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way – providing clarity and confidence when they face chaos and confusion.

Do you have what it takes to create this kind of culture? Make no mistake – it’s time now to build the workplace of the future. And it all starts with your people – and their readiness to change.

Think of your workplace culture in these six categories:

In brief:

  • Resistant: They know the world has changed, but refuse to accept it, and actively resist the change, found every reason (some legitimate, others more dubious) why working it won’t work.
  • Reluctant: They aren’t actively resistant but are still reluctant to make the switch, and need to a lot of persuasion to step into this new environment.
  • Compliant: They accept that their world has changed, but just do what they’re told without taking any initiative.
  • Engaged: Now they’re willing to take some responsibility, and actively take initiative rather than just doing what they’re told.
  • Empowered: They see the change in a positive light, and use their judgement to make good decisions when circumstances change.
  • Inspired: They embrace the change, and truly believe the work they are doing is making a difference in the world.

If you were to honestly assess your own team and workplace, where do you think it would fit on this spectrum?

The Future of Work is High-Tech AND High-Touch

The future of work is about skills, not jobs; diversity, not hierarchy; and meaning, not just money.

If you think there’s been a war for talent, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The best people can – and will – choose where, when, how, and for whom they work. Will you create the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them? And are you the sort of leader they want to follow?

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