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CHAPTER 1. Show Up: Make Time To Lead

In the past, it was possible to be productive by shutting your door, arriving early, or spending time off site. That doesn’t work anymore because the world won’t stop for you. Social media, smartphones, and globally dispersed teams mean you might have no quiet time at all. We live in an “always on” world, where it’s impossible to just shut the door and hope everybody else will wait for us. If you want to be productive, and you want your team to be productive, learn to work in flow. Accept our fast-paced, chaotic world, and learn to work with it rather than against it. If you’re on a raft in a fast-flowing river, instead of fighting the current (or wishing it wasn’t going so fast), go with the flow and learn to navigate the obstacles.


Webinar Recording: 5 Life Changing E Mail Productivity Tips

If you use e-mail the right way, it can help you get more done, with less stress and frustration, so you get to do what you really want to do, not just what you have to do. In this webinar, I share five key e-mail productivity principles for emptying your in-box, managing the flow of e-mail, and getting the important things done.

CHAPTER 2. Speak Up: Cut Through The Clutter

Even if you have authority and respect because of your role, when you’re making a presentation you can’t assume you have your audience’s attention and interest. It’s not that they don’t care; they are just busy, easily distracted, and thinking about other things. You must create and deliver messages that keep the audience engaged during your presentation and inspire them to take action when you finish.


Workbook: Crafting Magnetic Messages

This workbook takes you through the eight-step process of designing a “MAGNETIC” message:

  • MOTIVATION: Pitch your message at the right level for your audience.
  • ACTION: Summarise your message in a single, action-oriented sentence.
  • GOAL: Know what you want your audience to feel, know, do and say when you finish.
  • NOTICED: Give it a title that grabs their attention and interest immediately.
  • ENROL: Answer their four key ‘Why’ questions before you present your main ideas.
  • TRANSFORM: Design a simple diagram to show the shift you want them to make.
  • INCIDENTS: Use stories and examples to reinforce your message.
  • COMMIT: Attach your message to their future so they take action later.

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CHAPTER 3. Step Up: Stand For Something

Marketers put a lot of work into building an organisation’s “brand”, which is the way the organisation is perceived to others, both internal and external. As leaders, we should place equal importance on our personal brand.


Audio Program: Create a Personal Brand with Impact

JaneAndersonPersonal branding is for everybody, and a strong personal brand has never been as important. In this interview, Jane Anderson talks about the three elements of building a powerful personal brand: clarity, communication, and control.

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CHAPTER 4. Light Up: Foster Innovation

In the past, when most organisations could rely on a few innovations a year, innovation was considered to be only the role of a Research & Development department. Now, when your organisation is more complex, employees have more ideas, and the external environment is changing so fast, innovation is everybody’s responsibility.


Special Report: 15 Instant Innovation Questions for a Customer-Centric World

When most organisations think of their customers, they think of doing things for them. That’s good, because it means you focus on serving them. However, customers now have more power and influence than ever before, and are happy to help you as well. Here are 15 ways to tap into your customers and clients to provide better products, services and experiences.

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CHAPTER 5. Wise Up: Build Their Judgement

As their leader, you have the benefit of greater experience, which gives you deeper insight, and that in turn leads to wisdom. Help your team members acquire that same wisdom, and then you’ll be able to trust their judgement.


Slide Show: Build Their Judgement – 23 Ways To Get More From Your Team Members

Are you confident enough in your team members’ judgement that you could trust them to go beyond their current roles? As their leader, you have the benefit of greater experience, which gives you deeper insight, and that in turn leads to wisdom. Help your team members acquire that same wisdom, and then you’ll be able to trust their judgement.

CHAPTER 6. Tune Up: Accelerate The Experience Curve

The modern workplace still needs skills training, of course. But it also needs ways for you to accelerate the experience cycle. In particular, if you want to develop your team members to be better leaders, about 70% of their development will happen outside the traditional training course.


Audio Program: Mentoring Works

AnnRolfeIn a fast-paced world, training alone isn’t enough to provide organisations and their people with the development they need to succeed at work. The new imperative for organisational development is mentoring, which provides individual support, taps into the wisdom and experience of your best talent, and future-proofs the organisation.
Gihan interviews Ann Rolfe.

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CHAPTER 7. Team Up: Find Talent Everywhere

In the past, everybody on your team was a full-time staff member working in the same office. Now, your team might include full-timers, part-timers, contractors, interns, telecommuters, and job sharers. We also have extended work teams, using outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and other similar work practices.


Audio Program: How the Internet Has Changed the Workplace

ChrisPudneyThe Internet has changed the way we work. With the growth of telecommuting, leaders and their teams have greater flexibility and freedom in how work gets done. Employees love it because it gives them a more flexible work style, and it also has benefits for employers, leaders and managers – both now and for future-proofing your organisation.

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CHAPTER 8. Partner Up: Join Forces

Influence is no longer controlled by just a few. The Internet has given power to the people, and people everywhere are creating pockets of influence. By building partnerships with the right influencers, you work together to create something you both want – and something that helps you, your team, and your organisation.


Audio Program: Profitable Partnerships

CoupleOnTheRunThe world is moving from transactions to partnerships, and there’s never been a better time to create powerful partnerships. In this interview with Sue and Andrew O’Brien, authors of “Couple On The Run”, you’ll discover a powerful seven-step process to partner with customers, suppliers, and other influencers in your network.

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CHAPTER 9. Link Up: Leverage Trust

Most traditional organisations operate with two hierarchies: the management hierarchy, represented by an organisational chart; and the sales hierarchy, represented by the sales funnel. These two structures are the backbone of the traditional organisation – arranged internally by the management hierarchy and externally by the sales hierarchy. Your success today is not just about management and customers; it’s about your entire community.


Webinar Recording: It’s a Matter of Trust

Even if you have a large network, only a few key individuals will have the greatest value for you (and vice versa). So don’t waste your time trying to reach out to everybody. Instead, build and leverage trust with these key influencers, and you save time and effort.




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