Author name: Gihan Perera


Your AI Master Plan – Virtual Masterclass On Thursday

This year marks a turning point in the way we use AI. If you’re a leader, that means you need to create appropriate policies, guidelines, and frameworks for your team to use AI effectively, safely, and responsibly. Every team is different, so in this session, we’ll explore some of the factors to consider when planning

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Harnessing AI: Create Your Guidelines and Policies

If you’re a leader, you might be planning your AI policy, framework, or guidelines. How can you balance innovation with responsibility, so your team can leverage AI effectively and safely? I was working recently with a client who brought me in to discuss AI for their organisation. She asked me to run two sessions: one

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AI For Leaders: The Four Things You Must Do In 2024

2023 was the year when AI took main stage. Looking ahead, AI will continue to play a pivotal role in many businesses and industries. As a leader, how can you navigate the complex AI landscape? Don’t let the AI tidal wave overwhelm you! Instead, act now to prepare for your AI-ready future. In this interactive

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Small Changes, Big Wins: The Power Of The Pivot

You don’t always need to take disruptive action to create significant change. Sometimes, a small strategic change – or pivot – helps you adapt and flourish. Assess and amplify the effect of making a small change, and you could potentially transforming them into key drivers of growth and relevance in a rapidly changing world. We


Thinking Ahead: Embracing Change In 2024

We know 2023 has been yet another year of massive change, and there’s more change ahead. Looking forward, 2024 presents an opportunity to think and act differently in the face of change, uncertainty, and disruption – so you have more clarity and confidence and make better decisions in your personal and professional life. As we’re

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