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The Future Of Leadership

In uncertain times, everybody is looking for real leadership. The best leaders provide clarity in confusion, inspire confidence in uncertainty, and act with calm amidst chaos. This podcast episode is an extract from a conversation I had last year with David Frizzell of Team Guru, talking about the ...

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Map Many Scenarios, Choose a Few

I remember a couple of years ago when I had my first dangerous close encounter with a kangaroo when driving on a country road. We were enjoying a quiet weekend away in Yallingup, in the beautiful South-West region of Australia, driving on a road near the beach, when a roo jumped out from bushes in ...

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Building a More Productive WFH Team

The pandemic has affected us in different ways, and one of the biggest changes for office-based workers is the shift to working from home (WFH). When COVID-19 hit, many office-based teams had to scramble to let people work from home for the first time. If you’re a team leader or manager facing a ...

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