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Are You Flexible Enough for Flexible Work?

 19th March 2019 by gihan

The best people want more flexibility in their working hours – as research shows:

  • 81% of employees want to be trusted
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Talent Magnet: 4 Trends To Future-Proof Your Workplace in 2019

 28th February 2019 by gihan

As a futurist, I’m always looking at the trends affecting workplaces and organisations, and I’ve noticed an interesting trend over the last 8-10 years.

A decade ago, we were in the early stages of the technology explosion – with More ...

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To Attract Top Talent, Create a Shared Journey

 30th January 2019 by gihan

When a small, New York City-based organisation advertised for a graphic designer to join its 70-person staff, over 500 people applied. When they later advertised for a receptionist, they had almost twice as many applications.

This organisation More ...

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The Top 10 Skills for Australian Workplaces

 17th January 2019 by gihan

In their report “The Future of Jobs 2018”, the World Economic Forum identified the top 10 skills we need for Australian workplaces to be fit for the future.

How does YOUR workplace stack up?

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Are You Building The Best Workplace on Earth?

 18th December 2018 by gihan

There’s a war for talent, and the best people can choose where they work. Are you creating the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them?

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The Best Workplace on Earth

 13th December 2018 by gihan

We all know the workplace of the future will be very different from the workplace of today. It’s more than just technology and automation – it’s about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with More ...

Are You Flexible Enough for Flexible Work?

 4th December 2018 by gihan

The Fair Work Commission recently added a new rule about flexible work in Australia that tips the scales in favour of employees. In a nutshell, if an employee wants more flexible working hours, their boss can’t automatically refuse it.

Even if More ...

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Ask The World

 16th October 2018 by gihan

In our social, mobile, and highly-connected world, the best people to solve your problems could turn up in the most unexpected places. Don’t just turn to the people you already know. There’s a whole world that’s willing to help. Reach More ...

Virtual Collaboration with Webinars

 30th January 2018 by gihan

The Institute for the Future identified virtual collaboration as one of the ten key skills for being fit for the future. In the future, virtual reality will make virtual collaboration seamless, but we’re not there yet. Currently, the best practice More ...

Forever Young

 16th January 2018 by gihan

Our current life expectancy is around 80-90 years. But what if that doubled – or more? How would that affect your personal life, your professional life, your business, and society as a whole? That might sound like science fiction, but life extension More ...

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