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Will You Lead The Change?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken at events in Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland, and Perth – and for clients in diverse industries, including banking, human resources, local government, sport, commercial property, and retail. Despite their differences, one thing these organisa...

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How Disruptable Is Your Business?

You know disruption is coming, don’t you? It’s taken down massive companies and disruptors have transformed entire industries. So it’s only a matter of time before it’s heading for you. It’s not about “if”; it’s about “when”. How will you deal with it? Some organisations tak...

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Stop Trying to Predict the Future

In 1965, the oil company Royal Dutch Shell started its department of Long-Term Studies in its London headquarters. The term “department” is an exaggeration, because Ted Newland, who was given the lead role in this area, said, “I was placed in a little cubicle on the 18th floor and told to thi...

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