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The Networked Organisation

Traditionally, an organisation has been driven by two hierarchies – the management hierarchy (a.k.a. organisation chart) and customer hierarchy (a.k.a. sales funnel). But that’s not enough anymore. In our connected world, we need the networked organisation, as Ken and Peter Everett explain in this episode. Listen To the Episode Visit the N2N Hub here. [podcast-keep-in-touch]

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My Keynote Presentation at the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) Congress

I recently presented the opening keynote at the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) Congress in Melbourne, the annual event that brings together leaders from Australia’s private hospitals. My session, called “Healthcare Trends and Innovations in a Connected World” looked at the future of healthcare in Australia, especially as it applied to private hospitals. I was

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Five Myths of Leading a Distributed Team

Telecommuting and distributed teams are growing fast. If you’re a leader or manager, it’s likely that you are – or will be – leading a distributed team. That means some or all of your team members aren’t in the office all the time. So what’s different about leading distributed teams? Listen To the Episode The

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Five Ways to Use Webinars to Support Clients and Customers

The most common use of webinars is for marketing purposes: a free webinar that attracts new potential customers to your products or services. But another very powerful use of webinars is to support existing customers and clients. Although you will generally get much smaller numbers for these webinars, you’re providing a valuable service to people

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CQ: Cultural Intelligence – with Trisha Carter

In our diverse, disperse and distributed world, organisations and teams are increasingly composed of people with differences – ethnic, generational, gender, and others. In this interview, cultural intelligence expert Trisha Carter talks about how to recognise, manage and embrace those differences to create more innovative teams. Listen To the Episode Contact Trisha Carter here. [podcast-keep-in-touch]

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