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Know What Problem You Solve

 14th August 2018 by gihan

Jaime Casap, Google’s Education Evangelist, said this:

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve.”

You might be caught up in your day-to-day work, constantly trying More ...

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Ask For Customer Feedback Sooner

 31st July 2018 by gihan

As a young software developer working for a small software company in Perth in the 1990s, I was involved in building some of the infrastructure of the early Internet.

Our company was subcontracted to STC Submarine Systems, which laid telecommunications More ...

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Better Than Referrals – Share the Customer Experience

 17th July 2018 by gihan

In the highly-competitive world of financial advice, financial planning businesses must work harder than ever before to attract new clients. This has become especially important since recent changes to the industry in Australia, where advisers More ...

Customers On Your Side

 10th July 2018 by gihan

Turn Your Customers Into Innovators

 3rd July 2018 by gihan

In Auckland, there’s some discussion now about building a light rail system. Like many topics that are open for public discussion, interested residents can have their say in online forums, and of course they do – with comments like More ...

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Create Experiences, Not Just Products and Services

 17th April 2018 by gihan

I was speaking at an aged care leadership conference about the challenge of increasing competition and client choice. The aged care industry is growing, because of our ageing population, but this also creates more competition and choice for clients. More ...

Are You an Apple or Google When Dealing With Customers?

 20th March 2018 by gihan

Apple and Google are both customer-obsessed, but they have different approaches and attitudes to their customers. Which approach is more likely to make you future-proof?

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What Customers Really Want Now

 8th March 2018 by gihan

In the past, business was easy: Find out your customers’ problems and figure out how you can help solve them – better than anybody else. But that has changed, because customers have changed. Customers today expect far more from you than More ...

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Do You Know The Motivation Behind Their Behaviour?

 20th February 2018 by gihan

It’s easy to react to somebody’s behaviour, but do you make the effort to understand the motivation behind their behaviour? This is the skill of “social intelligence”, which the Institute for the Future has identified as one More ...

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Solving Customer Problems? That’s Not Enough Anymore!

 7th February 2018 by gihan

As a futurist, I’m often asked by business leaders how to stay ahead of their competition in a fast-changing world. Many of these leaders think it’s about embracing some new technology, understanding some future trend before anybody More ...

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