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Help Your Team Become More Agile

A large organisation offers a more stable day-to-day work life. There’s a buffer between teams and the outside world, so people work in a stable, predictable environment, with less stress and more confidence they can cope with the work. Even when external pressures occur, the organisation can...

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Ideas With Legs, by Nils Vesk

There are many books about business innovation, but few are as practical as this, which helps you take an idea all the way from something abstract in somebody’s head into the practical implementation in your organisation. Broadly, Vesk breaks down the “ideation” process into four grou...

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Get Reviews From Happy Customers

When we travelled to Europe recently, we stayed at some wonderful hotels in Paris, Florence, Lucca and Siena. These were not well-known hotel chains, but boutique hotels that reflected the character of the towns. When we returned home, I went to TripAdvisor to write glowing reviews of them all. Bef...

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Customers Helping Customers

It’s not unusual for gyms to post motivational quotations and ideas on their walls and notice boards. And the smart gyms are doing the same thing online now – with things like an e-mail newsletter, blog, or Facebook page. But I particularly like what Stadium Fitness, one of my local gyms, has d...

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How to Handle the E-Mail Overload

While I was in Sydney recently, I had the chance to catch up with Max Hitchins, who is a great marketer and an all-round nice guy. I’ve been privileged to know Max for 15 years, and he was one of my first clients. We were talking about the problem of e-mail overload, and how it […]


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