Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

In a crowded marketplace where sales meetings are getting shorter and buying cycles are getting longer, it’s becoming more difficult to cut through the clutter and sell with impact. In this webinar, I’ll show you how to use the power of magnetic messages to cut through the clutter and deliver a clear value message to prospective clients.

You can watch the recording here:

After the webinar, I asked participants “What was the most useful thing you learned today?” Here are some of their answers:

“How to use simple diagrams. I’ve used them before but didn’t realize their value.”

“The ‘How much’ box. I can use it to show people I’m not adding more to an already-full life, we are altering the balance, lessening undesirables, making room for desirables.”

“Got me thinking i should prepare some of these in my head to be able to quickly draw on (pardon the pun) when engaging with a client.”

“Hand drawn is OK, lots of uses!”

“It was fascinating – last night I spent several fruitless hours trying to make EzyDraw work – and very relevant. I feel that one thing lacking in what I am trying to present is appropriate diagrams. it also suggested to me a variety of ways I could sell my content.”

“The different possibilities for a model”

“That I have so much more to learn and help I need developing my marketing message.”

“Learning different ways to make presentations, pre visual”

“Communicating through drawing”

“A methodology of selling using pictures”

I also asked participants to create their own hand-drawn sales models and invited them to upload them during the webinar. Here are some of the sample models (click picture for a full-size version):


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