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How to Handle the E-Mail Overload

While I was in Sydney recently, I had the chance to catch up with Max Hitchins, who is a great marketer and an all-round nice guy. I’ve been privileged to know Max for 15 years, and he was one of my first clients. We were talking about the problem of e-mail overload, and how it […]


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There’s No U in QANTAS

Ever since American Airlines started its frequent flyer rewards program in 1981, many other businesses have followed suit, with some form of rewards for frequent customers. This is not surprising, because such programs have been proven to work. But most of them don’t make the most of this opp...

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Leadership is About Being an Authority

In the past, people followed you because you had authority. In the future, they will follow you because you are an authority. Leadership has always been about authority, but there are two kinds of authority. In the past, you had authority – because of your title, your seniority, your age, or ...

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