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Passengers Push Frozen Siberian Plane – Follow Their Lead!

Many years ago, I remember hearing a motivational story about a wagon driver carrying a group of people, and reaching a steep hill that was too heavy for his horse to climb. The driver turned around to his passengers and said, “Those who want to keep going, get out and push. Those who don’t, get

Digital Transformation

What’s Next in 3D Printing: Avi Reichental at TED

If you haven’t yet heard about 3D printing, it’s worth finding out about it. It’s a key technology that could revolutionise, disrupt and enable growth in many industries – possibly including yours. Earlier this year, Avi Reichental presented a TED Talk about what’s next for 3D printing. What I particularly like about his talk is

Disruption, Leadership

Leading and Managing in a VUCA World

You might have come across the term “VUCA”, which has been borrowed from the U.S. military and is now often used in a business context to describe our world today. It’s an acronym that stands for “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous” – and that’s a pretty good description of our world now: Volatile: Things are


Can You Trust Your Team Members To Use Good Judgement?

Nordstrom, the US department store, has the best social media policy in the world – and it created it long before social media existed. Here’s the relevant part from the employee manual: Rule #1: Use your best judgement at all times.There are no additional rules. When I say this is from the manual, that’s true.

Innovation, Learning and Development

Shai Reshef: An ultra-low-cost college degree

Education, especially formal education, is expensive. Or at least, it was expensive. The Internet is now making it more affordable than ever before, especially when people like Shai Reshef dedicate their lives to providing low-cost education to everybody. Watch his fascinating TED Talk here: The talk includes this inspiring glimpse into the future: “A new

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