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The Busy Adviser’s Secret to Lifelong Clients

With the ongoing back-and-forth debates in the Senate about FoFA, we still don’t have a final outcome for the legislation. But one thing we do know is that advisers will have to do more to provide ongoing services to clients. In an environment where clients have more choices and information than ever before, this is […]

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Private Hospitals: Stay Ahead of the Game with Better Patient Experiences

Private hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing a number of challenges – including budgetary pressures and reduced AR-DRG funding, the constant need to upgrade technology, and increasing competition (especially with incentives for public hospitals to admit private patients). In the face of these challenges, staying ahead of the game might seem like a huge

Learning and Development

MOOCs and Online Learning

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have had their share of publicity – both good and bad. How can you use them as part of your organisation’s training programs? In this conversation, Chris Pudney shares his experience as a student in a MOOC, and offers valuable advice about how organisations can use MOOCs as part of


Five Ways for Travel Agents to Improve Their Client Experience

The travel industry is undergoing huge changes, especially with consumers using online services to plan and book their own travel, bypassing the traditional travel agent. That’s bad news for agents who resist the change, but extremely good news if you’re an agent who’s willing to embrace the opportunities. In fact, if you are one of

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Joi Ito – Want to Innovate? Become a "Now-ist"

When the major earthquake hit Japan in March 2011 and caused a nuclear reactor to fail, Joi Ito decided to do something about it. Bypassing the NGOs and government bodies frantically trying to solve the problem, he gathered a group of people online to create a network called “Safecast”, to monitor and report on radiation


Passengers Push Frozen Siberian Plane – Follow Their Lead!

Many years ago, I remember hearing a motivational story about a wagon driver carrying a group of people, and reaching a steep hill that was too heavy for his horse to climb. The driver turned around to his passengers and said, “Those who want to keep going, get out and push. Those who don’t, get

Digital Transformation

What’s Next in 3D Printing: Avi Reichental at TED

If you haven’t yet heard about 3D printing, it’s worth finding out about it. It’s a key technology that could revolutionise, disrupt and enable growth in many industries – possibly including yours. Earlier this year, Avi Reichental presented a TED Talk about what’s next for 3D printing. What I particularly like about his talk is

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