Author name: Gihan Perera


The Leader’s Way

Both leadership and management are vital skills in today’s organisations. The best organisations are full of talented, bright, motivated people – who want leaders who inspire them and managers who empower them. In this episode, featuring guest expert Dr. Nicky Howe, we explore how to build better relationships with those you lead. Listen To the


Use Online Collaboration Tools to Build Synergy in Distributed Teams

There are many anecdotes about breakthroughs occurring through conversations around a water cooler, chance encounters in a hallway, and healthy banter at the office canteen. These informal moments help spark conversations and could lead to interesting ideas. At a company like Google, this is valued so highly that they design the waiting line at the


Are You Ready for a More Fluid Workforce?

The workplace has changed: in space, in time, and even in the people who do the work. For most of the past 200 years, the workplace of the office worker has been … well, an office. It still is. It was the only practical option: That’s where teams could meet, that’s where the files were


The Go To Guide for Online Collaboration

  Online collaboration is a hot topic, and the Internet has made it both easier and harder. In this episode, we’ll look at the principles and tools of online collaboration, so you can do it more efficiently and effectively. Listen To the Episode [expert-gold-radio-keep-in-touch]


Would You Give Up Two Days Of Your Life For This?

A few years ago, when I switched from Outlook to Gmail, it took me about two days effort (spread out over a week or so) to get back to my old level of productivity. When I recently switched from MYOB to Xero for my accounting software, again it took me about two days effort overall.

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