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The Changing Face of HR: CCI Conference in Perth

The WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) recently hosted their first HR conference, with the theme “The Changing Face of HR”. I was one of the keynote speakers, speaking about how the world of work and jobs have changed due to the Internet. Here are some pictures from my presentation, taken by the talented […]

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There’s No U in QANTAS

Ever since American Airlines started its frequent flyer rewards program in 1981, many other businesses have followed suit, with some form of rewards for frequent customers. This is not surprising, because such programs have been proven to work. But most of them don’t make the most of this opportunity. #130981464 . For example, if


Nikki and Gihan’s Excellent Adventure

I’ve recently returned from a wonderful two-week holiday to Europe. We spent most of our time in Paris and Florence, but also had a couple of side trips to Lucca and Siena. Here’s a photo album with highlights: By the way, this animated video was created using the great service Animoto.


TED Talks Storytelling – by Akash Karia

This brief but value-packed book, drawing inspiration from the famous TED Talks, is all about using storytelling in your presentations. It’s ideal if you would like to learn more about bringing your presentations to life through stories. The author, Akash Karia, looks at a number of features of stories, such as: Starting with a story


Leadership is About Being an Authority

In the past, people followed you because you had authority. In the future, they will follow you because you are an authority. Leadership has always been about authority, but there are two kinds of authority. In the past, you had authority – because of your title, your seniority, your age, or the connections in your

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Folding Time – by Neen James

There are many books about time management, productivity and getting things done – and this is one of the best. Neen James provides a contemporary, practical approach that really works. She says time management is dead, and we need to focus on accountability, attention, and energy. These are not just words, they form the basis


Book Review: The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries

In this book, Eric Ries proposes a model for managing something that traditionally has been seen as somewhat unmanageable: an entrepreneurial startup business. It’s a good read, even if you’re not in a startup business, but want to use the same ideas for managing a new project, product launch or service. His core idea is

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