China On Our Doorstep

China On Our Doorstep

The world’s power is shifting, and many commentators are calling this The Asian Century. China expert David Thomas explains why Australia is perfectly placed to take advantage of this – and why it’s an imperative now.

In this conversation, you will learn:

  • How the world’s economic power is shifting – and which countries will be taking the lead by 2050
  • The big shift in China’s central government control over business – and what that means for Australian business
  • The five key business sectors that can most take advantage of business with China
  • How SMEs can take advantage of the China opportunity
  • Why Chinese entrepreneurs want to invest in Australia
  • The importance of Australia’s strategic position as a future partner for China
  • The biggest mistake Australian leaders make when dealing with China (because it’s the exact opposite of how we do business in Australia!)
  • Two simple, low-cost ways for any Australian business to get their foot in the Chinese door
  • What our ageing population means for our relationship with Asia
  • What Australia’s political situation means for future business in the region
  • How to get started with doing business with China

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