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You Can’t Always Plan The Journey

Next week, I’ll be working with a leadership team to help them with their short-term strategic planning. They have an ambitious goal to grow by 50% within two years, and they need to create some concrete plans now to achieve that goal. But in a fluid, fast-changing environment, they don&...

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A Matter of Trust

To accelerate the journey from crisis to recovery and growth, build more trust in your team members – and their trust in you. That gives you more confidence they will act competently and with good judgement in an uncertain, fast-changing world. Listen To the Episode Get the book “Disru&...

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It’s a Matter of Trust

Early in the pandemic, organisations with office workers scrambled to allow them to work from home. Many leaders and managers saw it only as a short-term crisis response. To everybody’s surprise, productivity increased and many people enjoyed working from home – and want that to continue on...

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