Author name: Gihan Perera

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Speed vs Safety: The Biggest AI Leadership Challenge

If you’re a leader, you might be facing a dilemma when it comes to using AI. You – and your team – might see its enormous benefits and want to start using it as quickly as possible. But, as a leader, you’re also accountable for making sure you use it safely, ethically and responsibly. How

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AI For Leaders – Virtual Masterclass

AI has been simmering away in the background for decades, but the public launch of ChatGPT late last year was the tipping point that made it mainstream. It’s one of the biggest disruptions we’ll face in the future – but it also creates huge opportunities. But it’s not as simple as just switching it on

AI, Leadership

AI Guardrails: The First Three Rules For Using AI

As a leader, you’re responsible for the way you and your team use AI in your daily work – so that it’s safe, ethical, and responsible. This is a big topic, but there are three simple guidelines you can adopt right now as a starting point. Last week, I ran my Future Scenarios leadership program

AI, Customer-Centric, Productivity

New Horizons: Using AI to Explore New Markets

Finding new markets or a competitive advantage can help you expand, but it’s not easy. AI can help you identify market trends, find opportunities for strategic partnerships, and leverage your unique strengths to accelerate your business growth. I was in beautiful New Zealand last week, speaking in Christchurch at the annual conference of an Australian

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