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How Disruptable Is Your Business?

Disruption seems to come from out of the blue, catching everybody in an industry by surprise. It’s often the strongest, most stable, most well-established businesses that are the first to fall. The bad news is you can’t predict where the disruption is going to come from — that’s outside you...

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Why We’re Hard-Wired to Resist Change

What if I told you of a new technology that could improve the lives of millions of people, but would kill 1,000 people a year. Would you support it? Most people would say No, because a thousand deaths a year is unacceptable, regardless of the benefits. But we do already have this technology: Drivin...

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Make This Weakness Your Superpower

Last week, I was in Fiji speaking at the Fiji Institute of Accountants annual conference. Their theme was “Prioritising Humanity”, and I was speaking in the Innovation section of the event. An important part of my role was to explain global megatrends, describe Fiji’s position in the world, a...

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