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Be a Possibility Thinker

Most of us now have heard of self-driving cars, but even a few years ago that wasn’t necessarily true. So when Google, which was one of the pioneers in self-driving car technology, first started developing prototypes, I used to carry a photo of one of their early models on my phone: Credit: smoot...

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Habit Trumps Discipline

What are the habits in your personal life? Things like brushing your teeth twice a day, getting dressed, a glass of red wine with dinner, washing up the dirty dishes in the sink, putting on your seat-belt when you get in the car, going to the gym, eating everything on your plate, locking the door [...

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How Digital Are You?

In a presentation last week, I shared some of the challenges Australian business leaders said they will face in the year ahead. It’s based on some research done by KPMG at the start of each year, where they ask leaders, “What’s keeping you up at night?” In the presentation, I looked at the ...

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