Authority Marketing


Are you a pushy promoter, a preferred supplier, a recognised expert, or a trusted authority? In this webinar, I show you how to leverage a published book to build your authority and attract business rather than chasing it.

In this webinar, I talked about many ways to turn an authority product – a book – into other marketing tools:

  • Extract articles for your blog and newsletter
  • Publish a chapter as a special report
  • Summarise each chapter and send it as an online course
  • Read it out loud and record an audio book
  • Burn the audio book to CD
  • Record each chapter as a podcast episode
  • Create short video tutorials for key concepts
  • Present individual topics as webinars
  • Create a slide show of the main points

Watch the webinar recording here:

Fast Track Your Book – Masterclass

You might already know about my Business Book in a Box service, where we take the ideas in your head and write a book for you.

If you’re happy to do the writing yourself, but don’t know how to turn it into a book, you might be interested in my new “Fast Track Your Book” Masterclasses, coming up soon in Sydney and Melbourne.

This is a one-day program to teach you the process of writing a book – including structure, layout, cover design, ISBN, barcodes, illustrations, and access to all the suppliers I use myself. You’ll walk out with a detailed outline of the book, the knowledge of how to fill in the content, and a realistic action plan for getting it done.

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