Unwritten Ground Rules

 31st March 2016 by gihan

Unwritten Ground Rules

As a futurist, part of my job is to help people understand what’s around the corner in their industry. But it’s also about helping them prepare for it – what I call becoming fit for the future. One of the most important things you can do is build the judgement of your team members. It’s a vital part of being fit for the future.

When you build their judgement, you’re teaching your team members to work from guidelines, not processes; and rules of thumb, not forms and approvals. You explain the ground rules, and they use their judgement to follow them.

I love this idea of ground rules, and so does one of my colleagues Steve Simpson, who has created some ground-breaking work in the area of Unwritten Ground Rules, or UGRs. They can be positive or negative, and can make or break a culture.

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