Great Minds Don’t Think Alike


Einstein said we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. I’m no Einstein, but it’s obvious that is a key insight into becoming fit for the future. Many organisations, leaders, and teams are still stuck in old ways of thinking – sometimes BECAUSE they have worked so well in the past. Learn how to think differently so you gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game.

I conducted a webinar about this today, and you can watch the recording here:

After the webinar, I asked participants “What was the most useful thing you learned today?” Here are some of their answers (If you want to understand the reference to rockets and spaceships, watch the video!):

“To embrace change and step outside my comfort zone”

“Different way of thinking”

“Not waiting for next rocket. Don’t make judgements on what you see.”

“Seeing the invisible!”

“The idea that the more experienced one is, the more one has to let go on occasions”

“I need to get on with embracing some changes I’ve been ignoring”

“Understanding that I don’t know everything and things can change. Need to test my assumptions. Also, great reminder not to wait for the next spaceship.”

“Look beyond my own horizons before making a decision. Don’t just rely on my observations”


What Next?

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