Global Teams At Work

Technology is bringing us all closer together, and physical distance no longer needs to be a barrier to communication and collaboration. But this “End of Distance” also brings its own challenges, especially if you’re a leader working with globally distributed teams. It’s easier than ever to connect to teams in different locations, but that can bring unexpected challenges – such as time zone differences, perceptions of power and authority, different expectations about pay and incentives, and cultural differences – both ethnic cultures and organisational cultures.

For example:

  • If you’re perceived to be in “Head Office”, other offices might treat you differently
  • If one team is in a very different time zone than the others, they might feel left out
  • If one team is in a country with a much weaker currency – or a much stronger currency – that affects their perception of fair pay
  • If some cultures don’t treat women and minorities as equals, that creates tension across the entire team

How do you deal with these issues?

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