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Smart Places – A Competitive Advantage for Location Brands

 11th October 2018 by gihan

We tend to think that everything is moving online and digital, but that’s not always the case. It might be true that we don’t buy music in CD stores anymore, or that we hold a business meeting in an online conference room. But there More ...

Help Customers Help Each Other

 9th October 2018 by gihan

In May 2006, a Malaysian IKEA fan who goes by the pseudonym Jules Yap started the Website, posting interesting examples of IKEA customers who assembled their furniture in creative and innovative ways. Before long, the site became More ...

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We’re All Living in an AI World

 4th October 2018 by gihan

Gartner has released its 2018 emerging technology hype cycle, and they are predicting artificial intelligence (AI) will be everywhere within 10 years. But it’s already here, and you’re already interacting with it, even if you’re not aware More ...

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The #1 Thing That Trips Up New Products

 2nd October 2018 by gihan

In the next three weeks, I’ll be speaking at conferences across many different industries – including insurance, food & beverage, surveying, manufacturing, and real estate. They all want to know how to predict what new products More ...

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The Australian Fintech Landscape

 25th September 2018 by gihan

I’ve been doing a lot of work in the financial services industry recently, and it’s an area that has been facing a lot of disruption recently.

Of course, there’s the Financial Services Royal Commission, which is due to deliver More ...

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The Real Secret to Smarter Decisions (It’s Not What You Think)

 17th September 2018 by gihan

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work with two large organisations in Australia – a healthcare provider and a professional services firm – helping them with their strategic planning for the next five years. More ...

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Turn The Tables On Mentoring

 4th September 2018 by gihan

Last week, I delivered the opening keynote presentation at the AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute) National Convention, talking about the “bright sparks” in your organisation – and how to get the most from their skills More ...

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Strategic Planning for Two Kinds of Futures

 28th August 2018 by gihan

When you create your strategic plans for the future, do you include two kinds of futures? In the past, we could see what was ahead, and could plan for that in our strategy. That’s still important, but the world is changing so fast that there’s More ...

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There’s An I In Team

 21st August 2018 by gihan

When my niece Abbey was ten, when she outgrew her Lego Friends toys, she sold them on Gumtree. She kept half the proceeds and donated the other half to a charity of her choice. She set an attractive price, and usually sold a kit within an hour More ...

Know What Problem You Solve

 14th August 2018 by gihan

Jaime Casap, Google’s Education Evangelist, said this:

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve.”

You might be caught up in your day-to-day work, constantly trying More ...

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