What is the Future of Self Driving Cars?

In my conference keynote presentations, I often talk about new technology that’s just around the corner. Almost without fail, the topic that generates the greatest discussion and debates is self-driving cars (also known as “autonomous cars”). Perhaps that’s because we’re so used to driving as a normal part of life, perhaps because we don’t believe computers could do as good a job as we can, and perhaps it’s because we just can’t imagine a world where humans are not allowed to drive.

Whatever the reason, most people are intrigued by the idea, but don’t know much about the technology.

Here’s a very useful video that briefly explains the technology and some of its implications:

And if you’d like to understand some of the possible drawbacks, watch this video:

Even if you’re more optimistic than pessimistic, it’s worth understanding the pros and cons, so you can have a more informed conversation.

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