The Future of Work


We now have so many options for doing work – and that brings more flexibility, greater access to talent, and better integration of work goals with personal goals. But this also needs a new mindset around work, for everybody in the workplace – especially leaders.

In this conversation with Libby Sander, we explore many of these topics about the future of work.

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Our conversation was based on some of the things Libby identified in her article “10 Ways Work Will Change in 2016”:

  1. More work, more flexibility.
  2. Distributed workplaces need distributed leadership
  3. More stress
  4. More automation
  5. Yearning for place
  6. Baby boomers leaving, Gen Z entering
  7. The gig economy
  8. Anti-authenticity marketing
  9. Expect to be asked what you are doing to disrupt and innovate in your job
  10. Don’t label me

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