Channelling Chaos

The old rules of goal setting, productivity and time management don’t work. Our goals become meaningless when the environment changes, it’s difficult to stay productive when we’re constantly interrupted, globally dispersed teams make in-person meetings impractical, and the 9-to-5 workday just doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead of trying to fight against this chaos, harness it to work for you.
You can watch the recording here:

After the webinar, I asked participants “What was the most useful thing you learned today?” Here are some of their answers:

“Reflecting on eliminating some of the info I am taking in was very helpful”
“Thinking differently about problems”
“Different approach to goal setting”
“Plan less, launch more!”
“Who to build up, who to let go; reminder of big, flexible goals; just participating is a valuable experience.”
“I need to take more action and ‘test’ things rather than perfect what I think people want and then take it to market. Also, I need to delegate and outsouce which means I need to trust and not control. Great systems and processes will enable that.”
“The flow concept and particularly the intersecting Venn diagram showing the brittle, vague and bland concepts”
“Ideas to think about when doing my annual planning”
“The 5 ways to get into flow to achieve goals and the sub-questions for distilling these are really useful and something I will not only use myself, but can share with my team.”


What Next?

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