Never Be Boring Again

In our rapid-fire, overloaded, chaotic business world, marketers find it hard to get people’s attention, let alone keep it for the entirety of a presentation. This is especially challenging online where an audience is easily distracted and interrupted.

How do the best marketers grab the audience’s attention then keep them interested – leading to a real action response? What simple tools can help marketers achieve this?

Join Gihan Perera, futurist and author of Webinar Smarts, as he shares the four key steps to building an effective online presentation – one that sells.

In this webinar, in joint partnership with Campaign and GetGo, you will learn how to…

  • Capture attention and interest in your online marketing material and presentations
  • Use proven psychological tools to persuade and influence
  • Create a compelling case for change
  • Follow up to increase conversion and sales


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