Many industries are experiencing disruption – sometimes from inside the industry, but more often from outside. Are you going to thrive and survive in a time of disruption and change, or will you nose-dive and disappear?

In this free webinar, I’ll help you understand the three biggest threats to your business (and they apply to almost EVERY business!) that could put it at risk.

You can watch the recording here:

After the webinar, I asked participants “What was the most useful thing you learned today?” Here are some of their answers:

“Fast, Flat and Free”

“That we need to keep changing, not stay doing the same old things”

“Start before you’re ready!”

“Thinking about how our business can respond to disruption – the slow, bumpy and expensive aspects”

“what specifically in business is slow, bumpy and expensive”

“If I was a close competitor, how would I go about targeting my own business (funds management) for disruption?”

“Start before you’re ready – a gem!!”

“Focus on Fast, Flat and Free when seeking solutions for my clients, in the problem solving process.”

“That I am slow bumpy and expensive and becoming more so”

“If it ain’t broke … break it.”

“Makes me think more about opportunities”

“If it ain’t broke, break it. We tend to be stuck in aged technology and procedures, and although the will is there, activity is slow, and we tend to wait more till our ducks are aligned. Don’t wait until all your ducks are in a row to act … ..the future is now!”

“Thinking about how slow, bumpy and expensive I must be to some of my potential and current clients.”


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