The Best Workplace on Earth

We all know the workplace of the future will be very different from the workplace of today. It’s more than just technology and automation – it’s about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills we need for future-proofing our organisations. The bad news is that those “stars” are in demand, and can choose where they work. Are YOU providing the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them?

In the latest episode of my Fit for the Future podcast, I explore the five things that the top performers say make up the best workplace on earth:

  • Diversity: “Let me be myself”
  • Authority: “Help me actually get stuff done”
  • Talent: “Discover and magnify my strengths”
  • Meaning: “Make my work meaningful”
  • Judgement: “Don’t get in the way with stupid rules”

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