Top 10 Healthcare Trends in Australia in 2019

  1. By 2050, a quarter of the population will be aged 60+ everywhere except Africa (EY)
  2. AI uses patient data to improve clinical decision-making and personalize care (World Economic Forum)
  3. Wearable and portable devices empower patients to self-manage their care (Deloitte)
  4. The always-connected patient changes how healthcare providers engage with consumers (KPMG)
  5. Australian consumers want more options for interacting online with healthcare providers (EY)
  6. 75% of providers recognise the need for culture change and workforce optimisation (Australian Health Week)
  7. VR and AR technology present new opportunities for training and surgical simulation (World Economic Forum)
  8. New technology shifts the location of medical care from hospitals to the home (Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions)
  9. Recent Private Health Insurance reforms are a good start, but need more commitment (PwC)
  10. Digitisation of the healthcare system requires big investments in infrastructure, IT, and new processes (Deloitte)

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