Bring Them On The Journey: Getting Team Buy-In To Your AI Future

AI and humans working together make a powerful team, but many people are concerned, stressed, and anxious about what AI will mean for their job, career, and future. How do you engage your people to work with AI rather than being afraid of it?

Recently, I facilitated a discussion forum with HR leaders, focusing on the impact of AI on their roles and organisation. During our conversation, a common concern came up: employees worried that AI will replace their jobs.

This is a valid – and sometimes well-founded – concern. But even if it’s not true, as a leader or manager, you do have to address it. You may notice team members enthusiastically working away with AI tools like ChatGPT, but at the back of their mind, they are asking:

  • Is this going to make me less valuable?
  • Will I have to learn new skills?
  • Will I have to take a pay cut?
  • Maybe even: Will I lose my job?

I’ve been following AI for a long time, and especially in the last few months when everybody now knows about it, it’s something that leaders and managers do need to address with their teams. With any technology, if you want to be successful with it, it’s not about the technology alone.

It’s about bringing people along on the journey.

I’ve been working with many leaders and their teams recently – especially in the last few months – encouraging them to think about and talk about the impact of AI. So if you’d like me to work with you, I’m happy to do that.

But even before that, I’ve put together a worksheet for you to use with your teams to talk about the impact of AI – not only the negative impact, but the positive impact as well.

Download it, choose the most relevant questions for your team, and start an open, honest conversation.



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