AI In The Wild: Four Stories To Make You Think Twice

AI is a double-edged sword. Explore four recent examples of people using AI, see their results, and reflect on what that could mean for you, your team, and your organisation – so you can make more informed decisions about using and leveraging AI.

I’ve been tracking AI for a long time, and especially looking at examples of people using AI ‘in the wild’, as it were.

Here are four examples for you to read and reflect on for your own adoption of AI:

  1. Samsung engineers used ChatGPT for advice about some software they were writing. They uploaded their proprietary data to ChatGPT without realising the consequences, which led to Samsung banning the use of ChatGPT for the engineers.

  2. A lawyer asked ChatGPT to create a brief, which he submitted to court. But he was horrified to learn later that many of the sources and cases ChatGPT quoted were completely made up!

  3. Some schools and universities are banning their students from using AI, but one lecturer took a different approach. He asked his students to use ChatGPT for an assignment, and then reviewed the results, ‘grading’ them for accuracy and reliability. This approached showed students the importance of critical thinking in using AI.

  4. A budding entrepreneur used ChatGPT to generate income. He asked ChatGPT to make as much money as possible from a $100 investment, and it recommended creating a website with an affiliate programme around climate change, sustainability, and green credentials.

What do these examples show you about adopting AI in your team and organisation?

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