Work Smarter: How AI Boosts Your Productivity

In today’s professional workplace, getting ahead means working smarter, not harder. That’s where AI comes in. From chatbots that answer routine questions to intelligent scheduling software that optimises your workday, AI technology is transforming the way we work and boosting productivity.

I recently spoke at a conference of senior leaders, and when we were talking about AI, the CEO asked me:

“AI is everywhere – it’s pervasive. How do we know what we should start with? How do we get started with it?”

Great question! I recommend you ask these two questions:

  1. “How can AI help us solve our customers’ problems and improve the customer experience?”
  2. “How can AI improve our productivity and performance?”

The first is the external view, and the second the internal view. Both are important.

As an example, let’s say you’re looking to improve your own productivity. Start by asking:

“What do I have to do that I hate to do?”

This is often something that’s not part of your core responsibility, but it’s taking time away from you doing that core work. Examples include writing reports, unnecessary meetings, managing emails and responding to repetitive requests.

Then search for an AI tool to streamline these processes. For all these examples I mentioned, you can find an AI tool that can assist you. You free up more time and energy, allowing you to focus on the more important parts of your role.

If you are looking for other specific areas where AI can help, download my worksheet of AI productivity boosters. Identify the areas that will boost your own productivity, and share this with your team members as well for their productivity.



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