The Personal Touch: How AI Can Enhance Your Customer Experience

Customer experience matters now more than ever, and customers want you to deliver a personal, tailored experience. It’s no longer good enough to treat all customers the same, or even break them down into broad segments. Now, you can use AI to engagement each customer individually, to foster deeper engagement, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, long-lasting brand loyalty.

As a result of the pandemic, many people have reevaluated and reconsidered what truly matters to them and who matters to them. This applies to your customers as well. They may be exploring other options (increasing your competition) or have higher expectations when dealing with you.

In particular, they want a more personal engagement with you.

This doesn’t mean they want you to stalk them – when they visit your website, they don’t want your ad popping up on every other site they explore. They also don’t want to be spammed with countless emails and text messages they can’t opt out of. That’s not the right approach.

But you can leverage AI to access your customer’s data and personalise each interaction. Customers accept this level of personalisation now, and many even expect it.

It wasn’t always this way.

More than 20 years ago, retail store Target in the USA sent a mail-order catalogue to a teenage girl, filled with ads for maternity and baby products. Her parents were furious, and confronted Target, asking, “Are you trying to get our daughter pregnant?” It turned out she was already pregnant, but hadn’t told her parents. Target, using AI, had analysed her buying patterns and guessed she was pregnant. It was controversial at the time, but is now much more common.

Implementing this kind of system needs a significant IT investment. You need a sophisticated database system to gather customer data and AI software to analyse that data for each person. But you don’t even need to make such a big investment to get value from AI. Toolks like ChatGPT can help you in personalising your customer engagement and enhancing their experience.

I’m soon running a virtual masterclass, “AI meets CX”: artificial intelligence meets customer experience. I’ll share strategic insights and practical tips you can implement immediately to enhance your customer experience. I promise you’ll leave with valuable ideas to immediately put into practice.

It’s free, public, and open to everyone, so share it with your team and broader network.



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