When AI Meets CX: Using AI to Enhance Your Customer Experience

One of the most powerful business uses of AI is to enhance your customer experience – at every step of the customer journey, from brand awareness to the buying experience and through to loyalty and creating lifetime value. Whether you’re a leader, a business owner, or a marketing professional, this masterclass will show you how to unlock the power of AI to better understand, engage with, and delight your customers.

Some key topics from the session:

  • AI is revolutionising the way organisations enhance customer experience – from personalised marketing to fraud detection, AI offers endless possibilities.
  • AI can operate on your internal data or external data. It’s more powerful on internal data, but you can get faster results using external data.
  • Picture this: dynamic pricing based on expiry dates in supermarkets to reduce food wastage. AI can determine different prices for items nearing expiry, encouraging sales and minimising waste. Now that’s a win-win situation!
  • AI-powered recommendation agents can analyse customer data, helping businesses provide tailored experiences. Think personalised loyalty programs, interior design apps, location-based services, and more!
  • Say goodbye to long wait times and ineffective support. AI-driven predictive support can identify and address customer issues before they become problems. It’s like having a personal assistant always ready to help!
  • A cautionary tale from Target in the USA using AI more than 20 years ago: AI analysed customer data and sent a personalised pregnancy-related coupon to a teenager, revealing her secret before her family even knew! This shows the power – and risks – of AI, data, and governance issues.
  • We already interact with AI every day without realising it. Siri, navigation systems, Netflix recommendations, Spotify playlists – all powered by AI. Customers now expect personalised interactions, and AI is making it happen.
  • Looking to boost creativity and generate new ideas? AI can lend a hand with tools like ChatGPT, helping professionals with ideation and creative tasks. Plugins can even be added to create diagrams and graphics.
  • AI goes beyond generating ideas. ChatGPT can analyse PDFs and answer questions based on their content. Imagine the time saved on tasks like writing emails and creating presentations! Productivity through AI at its finest.
  • But let’s not forget about governance. AI comes with risks and challenges. Compliance with regulations and the ability to explain AI’s decisions are essential factors to consider. Responsible AI use is a must.
  • AI in customer experience is a game-changer! Whether it’s personalising offers, analysing sentiment, or improving productivity, AI is transforming the way organisations connect with customers.
  • Get on board now. AI is growing exponentially and affects everything it touches – and it touches almost everything.

You can watch the recording here:

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  • Meetgeek (meeting assistant)

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