Disruption Or Innovation: How Will You Use AI In 2024?

It’s almost a year since the public launch of ChatGPT, making 2023 the year that AI went mainstream. As you’re looking ahead to 2024, will AI be a disruptor or an enabler? The answer is: It depends on you! It offers both opportunities and risks – and it’s up to you to leverage it for success.

It’s been almost a year since ChaptGPT gave everybody free, public, open access to a powerful AI tool – literally at our fingertips. What’s ahead for 2024?

Over the last year, I’ve spoken with hundreds of leaders individually – and thousands in groups – about the impact of AI. Since September, I’ve worked in person with leaders in Perth, Canberra. Melbourne Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane – and online with other leaders around the world.

It’s good to see a change in the conversation around AI. When ChatGPT was first launched, there was a lot of hype and hysteria about AI, and it’s good to see that we’re now having more balanced conversations about its opportunities as well.

Like any change, it brings opportunities for some and threats for others. The way you approach it will determine whether it will be a benefit or a challenge for you in 2024.

I was recently speaking with a group of 50 principals and other senior leaders in independent schools in Western Australia, discussing the impact of AI in the education sector.

If you remember, the education sector was at the forefront of much of the initial hysteria about ChatGPT. But many of these school leaders see AI as a huge opportunity. At the end of our two-hour workshop that I facilitated for them, I asked,

“How many people here are looking at AI as an opportunity for your school?”

Three hands in the room shot up immediately – and others also joined in. These leaders saw AI as an opportunity to position their school as a place where parents could send their children to learn how to thrive in an AI-enabled future.

What a contrast from the other extreme – where AI has to be banned because it lets students ‘cheat’!

What will you do with AI in 2024?

AI will continue to be part of our lives in 2024 and beyond. And the way you approach it will determine how it will affect you.

  • Will it create problems or solve problems?
  • Will it destroy jobs or create and improve jobs?
  • Will it be a disruptor or an innovator?

The answer to all these questions is: Yes!

Yes, it will create problems; and yes, it will solve problems. Yes, it will destroy jobs; and yes, it will create others. And yes, it could disrupt you; and yes, it could help you be an innovator.

As a leader, it’s especially important to bring your people along on the AI journey. There are pros and cons, good and bad, black and white when it comes to using AI.

Soon, I’m running my last online presentation for the year about AI for leaders. Come along, and invite others in your team and network as well. It’s specifically for leaders to address some of the biggest leadership and governance issues around AI.



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