Your Sustainable Future: Planet, Profits, And People

Everyone’s talking about sustainability now, but it’s not only about being sustainable for the planet. That’s important, of course, but as a leader you should also focus on two other crucial areas that will drive sustainable success for your team and organisation.

I spoke at a healthcare conference last week about how to build a more sustainable future. Sustainability is a big topic now, and it’s more than just having a more sustainable planet.

Sustainability operates at three levels.

First, of course, we want to talk about a more sustainable planet. It’s important for organisations to consider what we can do for sustainability. We’re already seeing the effects of climate change, and we also have increasing consumer demand for sustainable practices.

The second part is sustainable profits. How can you ensure your business and your organisation will survive and thrive in the future?

And third – and I think the most important of all – is sustainable people. How are you leading your people and teams to find, nurture, reward, and support them?

Think about sustainability at these three levels – sustainable planet, sustainable profit, and sustainable people.

As I said, sustainable people is the most important starting point – so they can then help to build a sustainable business that helps to create a more sustainable planet.

Download my worksheet about building a more sustainable team – you’ll find ideas on how to boost performance and create a thriving culture.



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