AI At Work – With ChatGPT

It’s just over a year since the launch of ChatGPT, and millions of people now have access to a free, powerful AI tool for the first time.

Many people don’t really realise the potential of AI until they start using a tool like ChatGPT – or at least see it in use. In this free, public online presentation, I’ll demonstrate ChatGPT in action – for things like productivity, marketing, and enhancing your customer experience.

If you’re an experienced ChatGPT user, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re new to ChatGPT. curious about its possibilities, or you’re interested in some of its newer features, it will be a real eye-opener!

Here are some of the highlights from this session:

  • Converting video blogs to blog posts, LinkedIn content, and newsletter content
  • Creating attractive titles and summary paragraphs
  • Generating product names, unique selling propositions, and benefits
  • Using image recognition and modification, recipe suggestions, and image creation
  • Making expertise available through chatbot interfaces
  • Taking action in the face of exponential growth in technology
  • How plugins enhance AI capability
  • Providing content suitable for websites and accompanying images

You can watch the recording here:


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