Harnessing AI: Create Your Guidelines and Policies

If you’re a leader, you might be planning your AI policy, framework, or guidelines. How can you balance innovation with responsibility, so your team can leverage AI effectively and safely?

I was working recently with a client who brought me in to discuss AI for their organisation. She asked me to run two sessions: one for all staff to introduce them to the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT, and then a second session for the leadership team to discuss how to create an effective and useful AI policy.

In that second session, we talked about how all leaders need to create this for their team. Whether you call it a policy, framework, or guidelines, it’s about guiding people on how to use AI well.

If you’re currently planning this for your team, here are three questions to consider.

First, why are you doing it?

This might sound obvious, but there are two parts to this. The first is how you’re going to use AI effectively to enhance productivity, performance, and the customer experience. The second part is how you will ensure you’re using AI safely, ethically, responsibly, and legally.

Second, who is this policy for?

The obvious answer is that it’s for people working internally in the organisation. But you might also want to consider whether you want to share some or all of that policy with customers, clients, and other external stakeholders. This can help reassure them about how you’re using AI in your organisation, especially when it involves their personal data.

Third, how are you going to use this policy?

It shouldn’t be something that just gets pushed to a corner and forgotten or only brought up when someone breaches the policy. You want it to be useful and help people use AI effectively in the future.

If you’d like more detail about this, I’m running a free public online presentation soon where we’ll cover the answers to these questions and more, to help you get ready for preparing your own AI policy, framework, guidelines, or protocol. It’s free and open to everybody, so please register and share it with others in your team and your broader network as well. Creating a policy or framework for using AI is going to be an important part of your role as a leader right now.


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