Empower, Engage, Excel: The People-Centric Path to AI Success

The heart of AI success comes from people, not technology. It’s about rallying your team, sparking enthusiasm, and navigating the journey together. When your people unite behind AI, you leverage the tech, innovate for success, and boost your performance.

I was at an AI event last week, and during one of the breaks, I had a conversation with another participant, who runs a small business. He said he uses AI every day, and as a result, their customers think they are “geniuses”.

That’s because AI allows them to deliver services and value that previously only larger organisations could provide. It’s a testament to how AI can level the playing field, offering smaller and medium-sized enterprises the tools to not only compete but excel.

If you’re a leader in a larger organisation, the AI landscape poses a dual threat. On one front, you face competition from your usual rivals, who might be leveraging AI more effectively. At the same time, you’re facing a new breed of competitors: smaller businesses that punch above their weight thanks to AI.

This changing dynamic means you definitely need to adopt AI, and truly integrate it into your workplace operations and culture.

The secret to success is not the technology itself; it’s getting your people behind it. You must, must, MUST bring your team along on this journey.

Smaller organisations often have an edge here, because they have more agile and enthusiastic teams who are ready to embrace new technologies. But even if you’re a leader in a larger organisation, you can still foster the same spirit. It’s about creating an environment where people are keen to explore, learn, and apply AI, making the journey together.

If you want to know more about this people-centric approach to AI for your team, I’m hosting a free, public virtual masterclass soon. It’s open to all leaders and managers, so please join me and invite others in your team, too.


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