Unleashing AI: Beyond The Technology

Using AI is not about technology! AI is already being used in every industry and sector – including teachers, tourism operators, medical professions, artists, and managers. Most of these people are not “techies” – they are simply using the power of AI to do their work better. That’s the real power of AI right now – to engage your team to use it by their side.

I was listening to a podcast last week where another professional speaker talked about their business. They mentioned they would never use ChatGPT or any other AI tools because “they’re just not a tech person”.

That’s a misguided perspective, because using AI isn’t about understanding the technology.

Of course, AI is technology. It’s very powerful technology, but it’s a tool you can use without having to know how it works.


🤔 “I’m not going to use AI because I’m not a tech person.”

is like saying:

🤔 “I’m not going to use Google because I’m not a software engineer.”
🤔 “I’m not going to drive a car because I don’t understand mechanical engineering.”
🤔 “I’m not going to read a book because I don’t understand how paper is made.”

You don’t need to know how a tool is created to use it effectively.

Millions of people around the world use AI right now to solve problems, be more productive, and enhance their customer experiences.

I know, because I’m working with many of these people using AI, such as:

🚀 teachers creating lesson plans for their students
🚀 doctors transcribing their patient notes
🚀 tourism operators crafting marketing campaigns

These are not tech-oriented people; they’re just using this tool in a very powerful way.

This is true in every industry and sector, and it’s only going to become more true in the future.

Some recent research from Amazon highlights this trend. They examined Australian organisations and the impact of AI, and found 90% of senior leaders said their organisation would be an “AI-driven organisation” by 2028.

This isn’t an organisation run by software and robots, but by humans and AI working together. AI will be a fundamental tool underlying every process and workflow in your organisation. If you’re not already thinking this way, you’ll be left behind. Using AI is about putting people first and then working with the technology.

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