Championing AI: Engaging and Empowering Your Team

To drive innovation and build AI skills, find and support AI champions in your team. These enthusiastic team members are already using AI themselves, can teach and inspire others, and will lead the way in building your AI capability. Your job is to identify them, support them, and remove obstacles in their way.

Who are the AI champions in your team and in your organisation? The best way to build AI capability in your organisation is to identify AI champions who will lead your AI initiatives.

Whenever clients engage me for an AI keynote presentation at their conference, I also include in the presentation package an online “AI At Work” masterclass for all their staff to help them understand more about using AI. Many people still haven’t used tools like ChatGPT, so this gives them a basic understanding of what’s possible.

I was running this masterclass recently for one of my clients. It was an interactive presentation, where many people asked questions, which I could answer immediately. But what was even more impressive was that other people in the room were answering other people’s questions.

These were the people who were more advanced than others in the group. They were excited and enthusiastic about AI and had already started using it. Some were even doing it on their own time because they could see its potential. Because they were excited about it, they were racing ahead and were happy to share their expertise and give advice to others in the room.

I loved that I didn’t have to be the only expert in the room!

It was very useful to faciliate that in an online presentation, but you can take that even further. If you’re a leader, identify one or two AI champions in your team to lead your AI initiatives. You need to create the space for them and support them, but let them take the lead because – let’s face it – they might be better than you anyway! Your job is to clear support them and clear obstacles in their way.

If you’d like more help, of course let’s talk about how we can work together to engage and empower your AI champions. In the meantime, download my worksheet about AI champions for guidelines on how to identify your AI champions and support them in that role.


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