Your AI Champions: The New Leaders in the Digital Age

AI champions are the new leaders in today’s digital world. Find them, support them, and give them the right tools and resources to help them lead and transform how we work.

I was in Melbourne recently, speaking at a conference of executive assistants and personal assistants about embracing the digital revolution. When my client booked me last year, it was very much about all things digital – and now AI has taken centre stage.

Whenever I speak to leadership groups, I ask them,

“Who are the AI champions in your team?”

In other words, who are the people who are keen, enthusiastic, excited about AI, and can lead AI in their team?

But for this group of EAs and PAs, it’s slightly different. For this group, I said to them,

“I want YOU to be the AI champions in your team.”

Executive assistants and personal assistants are digitally savvy already. They are very good with technology, and many of the quick wins with AI come from boosting productivity with emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and managing calendars – all the things they do daily.

They are also perfectly placed to assess and refine the use of AI in these tasks – for example:

  • They know what good writing looks like, so they can spot and correct weird AI output.
  • They know how to write in a specific style and tone.
  • They know how to extract and summarise long reports and emails, so they can evaluate how well AI does those tasks.

So, when they start using AI, they’ll get quick productivity gains and also become the go-to person around AI.

What about you?

Are you someone in a team who’d like to be an AI champion, or are you a leader looking for AI champions in your team? Either way, to fast-track your AI progress, identify and support those AI champions.

Download my worksheet about AI champions, which shows you how to identify and support them.

If you want to be an AI champion, use this checklist to promote yourself as an AI champion for your team. And if you are a leader looking for AI champions, use it to identify and support them on their journey.


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