Would You Give Up Two Days Of Your Life For This?

Would You Give Up Two Days Of Your Life For This?A few years ago, when I switched from Outlook to Gmail, it took me about two days effort (spread out over a week or so) to get back to my old level of productivity.

When I recently switched from MYOB to Xero for my accounting software, again it took me about two days effort overall.

When I ran my “Build Your Web Site In Two Days” workshop, the participants built their Web site from scratch in (surprise!) two days.

Two days sounds like a lot of time, especially in today’s busy world. How can you afford to find two days in your schedule to learn a new e-mail system, use a new accounting package, or build a Web site???

But the real question is: If it has a long-term benefit, how can you NOT afford the time?

Will you bite the bullet and find two days?

According to NASA, the Space Shuttle uses up most of its fuel in the first 8 minutes of its flight. After that, it escapes the Earth’s atmosphere and sails along with very little effort.

You might have been putting off something because you know it takes some effort to get started. It’s definitely not easy to make the time – especially when you think of all the other things you could do with that time (most of which you’re not doing!). But weigh up the short-term pain with the long-term gain.

The two days I invested in Gmail and Xero have repaid me many times over – and usually within the first few weeks.

Two days is a long time!

The good news is that if you do set aside the time, you can get a lot done. Two solid days of work is a long time! You don’t have to lock yourself in a room for two days and do nothing else. It’s OK to spread out that two days work over a week, and you’ll still be amazed at what you can achieve.

The bad news is that if you don’t make the time, you might never get around to doing it. And if it’s a worthwhile goal, it will cost you a lot more than two days in the long term.

So bite the bullet and do it! Your Future You will thank you for making the effort!

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