Is Your Team Ready for the Future of Work?


The youngest Millennials (also know as Gen Ys), and their younger sibling Gen Z, expect more from their workplace.

Most workplaces still carry over baggage from 200 years ago, when offices were invented. But people are becoming much more entrepreneurial. You no longer need to be in an office. You can work remotely while still being part of a creative and productive team. Distributed work will become the norm, not the exception, with more offsite workers – such as freelancers and telecommuters. The best people for the job will do the work – and they might be anywhere in the world.

The future of work, especially for knowledge workers, will be about seamlessly blending work and personal life, using digital technology such as cloud computing and augmented reality rather than the traditional office working structure.

That will require both the physical infrastructure necessary to allow remote working as well as a significant shift in thinking from leaders and managers. In fact, that shift is the biggest barrier (if done wrong) and the biggest enabler (if done right). This will be one of our biggest challenges – the new management styles needed to operate and supervise work in fast-changing environments.

edithThis short article is an extract from a larger article “Dead End Job”, from the latest issue of Edith magazine, from Edith Cowan University (ECU). The full article is available on the ECU Web site.

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