Disrupt Yourself

We hear a lot about businesses and entire industries being disrupted, but smart leaders don’t wait for somebody else to disrupt them. That’s a reactive approach, and you’ll be starting off on the back foot. Instead, these leaders take a “If it ain’t broke, break it!” approach, and find ways to lead the way in change, innovation, and disruption.

You can watch the recording here:

After the webinar, I asked participants “What was the most useful thing you learned today?” Here are some of their answers:

“The need to disrupt yourself before others disrupt you”

“Risk Analysis ie reviewing perceived strengths (& the potential threats) ”

“! and other up to date real world tips/disruption/apps…”

“Great insights into disruption — personal check about my own readiness for disruption — getting on the front foot to become an innovator — Start Before You are Ready”

“To be more aware of the changes in my world and how I can be the one who disrupts. Two years ago I didn’t see the changes coming so now I’m reinventing. ”

“Having to look at my strengths and being ready for distruptions”

“You need to get ahead of the curve or risk the reality of disruption”


What Next?

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