Top 10 Talent Trends for 2019

  1. The War for Talent: Finding high-quality talent will be the top challenge for HR leaders in 2019 (XpertHR)
  2. Integrating AI: 67% of workers believe they must develop their skills to work with intelligent machines (Accenture)
  3. The Rise of Social Recruiting: 79% of job seekers use social media to find a job (Glassdoor)
  4. Demand for Social Responsibility: 64% of Generation Y won’t take a job if a company doesn’t have strong CSR values (Cone Communications)
  5. Generation Z in the Workforce: More than 75% of workers find multi-generational teams a challenge (University of North Carolina)
  6. Strengths of Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion bring additional skills, ideas and perspectives (World Economic Forum)
  7. Desire for Flexible Work: 47% of Australian workers would be willing to accept a pay cut for more flexible working hours (2018 Robert Half)
  8. Increasing Automation: 40% of jobs in Australia are likely to be automated in the next 10-15 years (Australia’s Future Workforce)
  9. AR and VR in Training: The demand for augmented and virtual reality in corporate training will reach $2.8 billion by 2023 (Research and Markets)
  10. Shift to Online Learning: More than 50% of employers are investing in learning platforms and development tools (Manpower Group)

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