Are You Flexible Enough for Flexible Work?

The best people want more flexibility in their working hours – as research shows:

  • 81% of employees want to be trusted when, where and how they work (Sage People)
  • 35% of people are choosing freelance work (Forbes)
  • 47% of Australian workers would accept a pay cut for more flexible working hours (Robert Half)

So what are YOU doing to provide more flexible work? Here are 10 ideas …

  1. Find out what flexibility your people really want – It might be easier than you think to provide it
  2. Measure their results, not their effort
  3. Move information into the Cloud for access anywhere at any time
  4. Have fewer meetings
  5. Pay for membership of co-working spaces for people who want to work there
  6. Don’t discriminate against people who don’t work in the office
  7. Offer the same opportunities to everybody – not just parents with family responsibilities
  8. Help them build their judgement, so they can work independently and autonomously
  9. Think of it as a strategic advantage, not just an employee perk
  10. Start planning for it now, so you can offer it before people start demanding it

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What Next?

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