Thriving on Difference – How to Increase Diversity in Your Workplace

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation, revenue, and profits.

According to EY, diverse companies are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns. And according to Deloitte, two-thirds of executives rated diversity as an important issue.

Here are 10 ways to increase diversity in your workplace …

  1. Embrace diversity – don’t just “accept” or “tolerate” it
  2. Recruit for “culture add”, not just “culture fit”
  3. Modernise your policies to suit the needs of a diverse workforce. Avoid language that reinforces stereotypes
  4. Offer more options for flexible work and flexible working hours. 87% of Australians would accept a pay cut for this kind of flexibility (Robert Half)
  5. Recognise and reward different people in different ways. Ask them what they want!
  6. Remember the diversity of different generations (often overlooked)
  7. Promote your attitude to diversity in the recruitment process. 77% of Generation Z said company diversity affects their decision to work there
  8. Teach people how to intervene when they see bias in action. Don’t just rely on training to eliminate unconscious bias
  9. Use software to remove identifying information during recruitment and other assessments
  10. When choosing a team, recognise the value of team diversity, not just individual competence

What Next?

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