Future Focus: Scenario Planning for Recovery and Growth

The coronavirus pandemic has affected different industries in different ways, and even within an industry, businesses have felt its impact differently. We’re not all in the same boat; we’re all in the same storm, but in different boats, navigating our way through the storm. The key skill you need to thrive is foresight – the ability to look ahead into an uncertain future. Instead of only planning for what you can see, use scenario planning to map out plausible future scenarios.

In this recent online presentation, in partnership with the Governance Institute of Australia, I shared ideas to help you:

  • identify potential external pressures on your organisation
  • assess your current readiness for future change and disruption
  • focus on the strategies with the biggest ROI
  • make important decisions even in an uncertain future

Here are some of the comments from participants:

“Very engaging presentation – thank you”

“Brilliant, interesting and loved the maturity of thinking but in easy terms… inspirational”

“Brilliant thinking!”

“Brilliant, challenging and inspiring – well done – very worthwhile.”

“This was such a good session. Wide coverage but in depth and challenging.”

“Great session – thought provoking.”

“Thank you! Inspiring and informative.”

“Great advice. Thank you for challenging us to look beyond right now!”

“Thank you Gihan. A lot for us to go away and think about.”

“Thanks Gihan, thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Fantastic Presentation. Enjoyed it”

“Thanks for the inspiration, Gihan”

You can watch the recording here:

Are You Ready To Lead In Uncertainty?

When planning for the future, we need the skill of foresight: Seeing into the future, identifying plausible scenarios, and using these scenarios to make more robust, more flexible, and more realistic plans.

The things you don’t know WILL hurt you!

Find out more about Gihan’s Scenario Planning program

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