Think Like a Futurist – Scenario Planning in an Uncertain Future

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown all our future plans into disarray. Most of Australia is doing very well in controlling the health crisis, but the economic crisis will last for longer, and we still don’t know what’s around the corner in the next few months. In an uncertain future, many people fall into the trap of setting smaller goals or making short-term plans. But that’s the wrong approach. Instead of only planning for what you can see, use scenario planning as a tool for working with uncertainty and creating flexible plans.

The Graduate Management Association of UWA is delighted to announce this joint online presentation with Gihan Perera.

In this presentation, Gihan shares practical future-proofing steps you can take to:

  • identify potential external pressures
  • assess your current readiness for future change and disruption
  • focus on the strategies with the biggest ROI
  • make important decisions even in an uncertain future

You can watch the recording here:


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